Monthly Archives: March 2012

What is a Manager?

In most simple terms, a manager is the one who helps others to conclude the work on time. He is the person who handles the department and takes up responsibilities in handling the tasks given to employees. Some of the… Read more.

What Is a Project Coordinator?

The role of a Project Coordinator is very tough as the designation is positioned at the administration level. The project coordinator is basically considered as an administrative professional who helps with the projects that needs to be outsourced to clients… Read more.

30 Best Print Ads Ever, 30 Most Creative and Clever Pri …

Simply mentioning what you do or what you offer is not enough. In today‚Äôs world, where one in every three company offers the same products as yours, it is important to stand out. This can be achieved through planning a… Read more.

What is Street Marketing?

Street marketing, as the name suggests, involves marketing techniques used to promote products or services in order to gain attention of the customers present on the streets. However, the reach of this method is not limited only to streets. It… Read more.