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What is Capitalized Interest?

Capitalized interest is the interest that has its roots with the loan agreement of all types. It can be counted with the expensed interest that comes when a scheduled loan payment is not made on time. In other words, the… Read more.

What is an Odometer?

Odometer is also called as odograph that is basically an instrument used in vehicles to indicate the actual distance a vehicle has traveled. Odometers can be found used in bicycles or automobiles. It can run on mechanical, electronic or combination… Read more.

What are the Different Types of Auto Paint?

Auto paint comes in four different types these days whereas; earlier in the late 1800s there were different kinds of auto paint available in the market. The four basic types of paint that are sold in the market are –… Read more.

What is Literary Criticism?

The in-depth study, opinion, analysis, and interpretation of literature or a written work and its meaning is known as literary criticism.  In the modern age, literary criticism is done through literary theory which means having philosophical discussions about the aims… Read more.

What is Blackmail?

Blackmail is a common term which is used frequently across the world due to a lot of criminal cases. The word Blackmail is basically a crime committed by a person to reveal the secret of another person who can face… Read more.

What Is a Copyright Trap?

Copyright trap is a part of flawed or strange information that has been included into a reference work in order to detect copyright violations and plagiarism. Copyright issues can be on any unique work created by a party of a… Read more.

What is a Transmission Flush?

The transmission flush is to clear the old transmission fluid remains in a motor vehicle. It enables to clear the majority of fluid and helps to remove the remains of oil transmission from coolers, converters and cooler lines. However, some… Read more.

What Is the RICO Act?

RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act which has been implemented as a federal law. This law has been enacted in order to give extended penalties in the trails of organized criminal acts. The RICO Act belongs to… Read more.

What are Parking Lights?

Parking lights are also called as running lights which are used in vehicles to increase visibility during numerous situations. Parking lights are always required as an important factor though not many countries find its uses. Most of the cars in… Read more.