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What does a legal assistant do?

A legal assistant is a trained person who is certified from the state or government agencies. He performs variety of jobs for supervising lawyers. The legal assistance cannot give legal advice to anyone, cannot represent people in the court or… Read more.

What is an Ignition Switch?

Car’s ignition switch provides several purposes. The very first thing is, it allows you to control the power to many of the car’s accessories, which prevents from running down the car’s battery when your car is parked for long period…. Read more.

What Is a Stenographer?

Shorthand is a writing skill which is used to write oral communications in fast and effective manner. And for that stenographers are recruited by various establishments. The role of stenographer is very important in an oral interaction. Shorthand is a… Read more.

What is a family loan?

If you are still confused and have lack of knowledge about family loan then read further to understand the real answer to what is a family loan. A family loan is considered as a personal loan that is made for… Read more.

What is a 1099 Form?

In United States, small businesses and other employers use different forms to record the income earned by employees and independent contractors. Usually, employees of the business in U.S. receive W-2 form which lists the income they received during the financial… Read more.