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What is a Contract?

It is important to know what is a contract as it is a legal matter that one must know to avoid problems in future. The contract is an agreement signed by two or more parties by promising to follow the… Read more.

What is a death threat?

Do you know what is a death threat? It is a statement made by a person or party to others for specific reason. It can be a revenge or anger that forces the person to deliver such cruel statement on… Read more.

What Is a Mortgage?

Do you know what is a mortgage? If not then read this article as it enfolds important details that ensures improving your knowledge to a significant level. A mortgage is a loan which is taken by a buyer to pay… Read more.

What Is a Stipend?

When you are not appointed on salary basis and work under training, you get stipend. Many companies take freshers, train them and for their services the companies pay them stipends which are minimal amount paid for their services. So now… Read more.

What Is Legal Action?

Read what is legal action to improve your knowledge about law. It refers to the process of setting up a court case. It is very commonly used by people in every country where court system is followed or in the… Read more.

What are Career Goals?

Every individual set specific goals or objectives to progress in their career paths. It can be an employed person or a job seeker who can include things such as taking training for specialized fields, promotions in a set number of… Read more.