Monthly Archives: September 2013

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is common concept in lot of spiritual beliefs and religions. The reincarnation theory says that when someone dies, some part of it lives and goes to another organism or person. There are different faiths having different approaches to the… Read more.

What is rickshaw?

Rickshaw is light 2 wheeled cart designed to carry 2 to 3 people. Traditionally, rickshaws were vehicles pulled by runners holding shafts of cart in both hands. Modern rickshaws have changed and they are now drawn by bicycles and light… Read more.

What is a Sufi?

Sufis are followers of Islam religion and they promote and emphasize of mystical Islamic faith which is called Sufism. This Islamic expression is based on writings of Shayk Adhmad Zarruq and considered by lot of people to be master of… Read more.

What is Hindi?

Hindi is language that is spoken in most parts of north India but it is also widely spoken in most of country. It is used for describing either standard Hindi or combination of Hindustani which also includes some part of… Read more.

What is road rage?

Road rage relates to hostile acts which are done by frustrated or angry drivers and this might include incidents like vehicular homicide or tailgating. Road rage prevalence has increased a lot in past few years and psychologists now classify it… Read more.