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What truly happened on the Assassination of President J …

The United States of America has just recently incumbent it’s 45th President, who has already made it to news since a year now and mostly not for reasons the people of United States would like to have. In fact, the… Read more.

Did You Know Pakistan Hosts Highest Number of Polo Fiel …

Muslims religion has for a long time been looked down upon for several terror that has come from the ISIS troupe of people. It’s the ISIS people who have this misconception in their mind that their Islamic religion has it… Read more.

10 Real Life Situations that We Should Have been Traine …

Raise your hands if you loved school for any other reason apart from your Friends! We have all through the years have hated school for numerous reasons, studies making it to the top of the list. Whenever a topic of… Read more.

What is a dragon fruit?

Read more.

Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 22, 2016

Read more.

Is the Government trying to Control our minds by spread …

As kids we always loved looking up at the sky and trying to create something of the shape of the clouds, sometimes they looked like a dog sometimes like a candy and sometimes with their weird struck we could also… Read more.

“Beard Culture” more than just a Fashion Trend

The “No Shave November” just a passed us and now is far away from us, the gist by which the beard culture took over the male fashion is still visible as boys and men have started loving their facial hair… Read more.

Have you heard of the term Crisis Actors? (No you won …

Crisis Actors is a theory that comes up in recent years when people started noticing similar looking people at various major massacres of the witnesses or people related to the victims. If you first start searching for the theory you… Read more.

9/11 a Terrorist Attack Or a Planned Conspiracy by the …

On the September 11, 2001, Tuesday the peace and daily course of the United States of America was moved with a series of coordinated attacks on the essential locations of the country by the Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group by hijacking… Read more.

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