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9/11 a Terrorist Attack Or a Planned Conspiracy by the …

On the September 11, 2001, Tuesday the peace and daily course of the United States of America was moved with a series of coordinated attacks on the essential locations of the country by the Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group by hijacking… Read more.

Snapchat Stories play part of Evidence

One of the biggest sensation of the 2016 year was the various up-gradations brought in by Snapchat in their App, though with the arrival of Instagram Stories, snapchat might have faced a heavy loss, its still used as one of… Read more.

Think Again You might have Broken a Law Today

Next time you get excited on spotting an Open Wifi in your vicinity think again before connecting to it, you might as well be jailed and will have to pay hefty fine, if caught red handed. Yes, opting for a… Read more.

What is Oral Defamation?

Often called as slander, an oral defamation is a malicious act of dispersing untrue statements about a person or something else. If this act is performed intentionally to cause harm or automatically it creates harm to the person then defamation… Read more.

What is a Contract?

It is important to know what is a contract as it is a legal matter that one must know to avoid problems in future. The contract is an agreement signed by two or more parties by promising to follow the… Read more.

What is a death threat?

Do you know what is a death threat? It is a statement made by a person or party to others for specific reason. It can be a revenge or anger that forces the person to deliver such cruel statement on… Read more.

What is a court order?

Court order is a legal document in which court orders a person to perform specific art, set court date or legally establish something. A court order requires an individual to pay a specific amount of money to another party involved… Read more.

What is a Custodial Parent?

If you don’t know what is a custodial parent then read this article and improve your knowledge as this may be useful to you sometime in life. A custodial parent is the parent who raises a child for full time…. Read more.

What is Corporate Responsibility?

Every company has its own agenda that changes as per business to business. Plenty of businesses exist for the sake of making money. In this survival, many seek to provide services to a community or world and others are just… Read more.

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