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What is Criminal Law?

It is very important to have a criminal law that followed by every human in the world. It is the branch of law that regulates crimes committed by people or against public authority. This law is different from civil law… Read more.

What is Blackmail?

Blackmail is a common term which is used frequently across the world due to a lot of criminal cases. The word Blackmail is basically a crime committed by a person to reveal the secret of another person who can face… Read more.

What Is a Copyright Trap?

Copyright trap is a part of flawed or strange information that has been included into a reference work in order to detect copyright violations and plagiarism. Copyright issues can be on any unique work created by a party of a… Read more.

What Is the RICO Act?

RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act which has been implemented as a federal law. This law has been enacted in order to give extended penalties in the trails of organized criminal acts. The RICO Act belongs to… Read more.

What is a Court Hearing?

A hearing or court hearing is a case where in decisions are made by the judge after analyzing the facts and figures presented by both the parties in a court room. A Court hearing is done for a judgment is… Read more.

What is Law?

A system of rules and guidelines that the society has to follow is called as Law. Law is enforced by the government of every country in order to protect the person and his property from any harm. However, not all… Read more.

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