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What is the largest truck?

How big or large could any truck be? We all know that as it is a truck is pretty massive and gigantic. Then again, how big a truck could possibly be? A real big, massive huge truck is used in… Read more.

What are the high-ticket dodge cars?

Dodge is a brand of automobile. Its official name is Dodge Division of Chrysler Group LLC. This automobile company was set up by two brothers named John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1900. Well, here is the list… Read more.

Top 5 fastest cars below US$15,000

Who doesn’t love speed? When speed talk is related to cars the idea is to find the perfect package of horsepower and torque in a lightweight, aerodynamic design. The package gets tough when it is linked to the purchasing price… Read more.

What is Penny Farthing?

Penny Farthing is a type of bicycle that has a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. Penny Farthing was extremely popular after the boneshaker. However, it survived until the early 1880’s when it was replaced by safety… Read more.

What is rickshaw?

Rickshaw is light 2 wheeled cart designed to carry 2 to 3 people. Traditionally, rickshaws were vehicles pulled by runners holding shafts of cart in both hands. Modern rickshaws have changed and they are now drawn by bicycles and light… Read more.

What is road rage?

Road rage relates to hostile acts which are done by frustrated or angry drivers and this might include incidents like vehicular homicide or tailgating. Road rage prevalence has increased a lot in past few years and psychologists now classify it… Read more.

What is compact car?

Compact car is term that is used for smaller sized vehicle. US EPA or Environmental Protection Agency classifies passenger vehicle with car and interior area of around 100 to 109 cubic feet as compact car. Such cars are larger as… Read more.

What is an Ignition Switch?

Car’s ignition switch provides several purposes. The very first thing is, it allows you to control the power to many of the car’s accessories, which prevents from running down the car’s battery when your car is parked for long period…. Read more.

What is Antifreeze?

If you don’t know what is antifreeze then this might be helpful. Antifreeze is also known by another name – engine coolant. It is a liquid substance that is found in internal combustion engine and throws out excessive heat. To… Read more.

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