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What are Hazard Lights?

Hazard lights are the signals used on automobiles to alert other drivers from problem. The hazard lights are the signal lights that are created to blink from front and rear of the car. It is kept activated when a car… Read more.

What is Turning Radius?

Turning radius which is also called as turning circle is a term used to describe the size of circular turn taken by a vehicle. In short, you can say that when a vehicle takes a U-turn, the measurement is taken…. Read more.

What is Fender Bender?

Fender Bender is a event or an accident that causes small damage to the vehicles involved, but becomes a major issue for the owner of the vehicle. These kinds of events generally don’t take place in a parking area or… Read more.

What is a Poop Deck?

Poop deck is a term used in a naval architecture to define the roof of the cabin on the back part of the ship. The word ‘Poop Deck’ is derived from the Latin word puppies and French word la poupe…. Read more.

What is double clutching?

Before we understand what is double clutching, let us first discuss how a normal car or truck driver drives the vehicle. First, after starting the vehicle, the driver depresses the clutch, moves the shifter from neutral to the next gear,… Read more.

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