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Ten Ancient Beauty Secrets That Still Work Today

The beauties of the ancient era are still used as a metaphor of classic beauty, and their beauty potions are all mostly hidden in nature with some undefinable benefits with science explanation to them. As much as science has advanced… Read more.

The Comeback of Bridal Veil In The Easily Detachable Ne …

The Indian Wedding traditions involve millions of things, some pretty huge and popular amongst all of us while some pretty small yet crucial but won’t be known by all of us but surely known to our grandmothers and their tribe…. Read more.

Are The Men In Black Humans, Aliens Or Robots?

Have you ever watched the 1997 science and action Flick Men In Black of Will smith? We all fell in love with him and the movie, definitely popular and known to all. While the concept of the movie was considered… Read more.

Cultural Description of India through it’s 8 Differen …

If there is one outfit to define Indian Female Attire, it’s one and only Saree, factually or Stereotypically. One instance to prove the point is when an Indian Female is awarded in or outside India they most probably wear are… Read more.

“Beard Culture” more than just a Fashion Trend

The “No Shave November” just a passed us and now is far away from us, the gist by which the beard culture took over the male fashion is still visible as boys and men have started loving their facial hair… Read more.

Beliefs and Traditions

What is a kaaba?… Read more.

Personalized Minimalistic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

With the arrival of 21st of December, we all are hurrying into all the pending preparation for Christmas. By now all the late and last minuters too are done with all the shopping of Gifts and now is the time… Read more.

What is a kaaba?

The kaaba is commonly known as the sacred cube or the sacred house. It is basically a cubicle building at the center of the mosque, Al Masjid al Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Al Masjid al Haram is the most… Read more.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word. Its English translation means good change. This word is very commonly used in health care industry, psychotherapy, and many more industries. But then when it is applied to a workplace, it is meant to improve… Read more.

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