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What is Nyotaimori?

Nyotaimori, also known as ‘Body Sushi’, is a type of sushi or sashimi that is served on the body of a women, typically naked women body. This kind of serving is rarely found in some parts of the world. This… Read more.

What is Guy Fawkes Night?

Guy Fawkes Night, sometimes also referred to as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Day, is an annual celebration that takes place in the UK around November 5. On this night, people in most parts of Great Britain light bonfires, fireworks… Read more.

What is Doo Dah Parade?

Doo Dah Parade is an annual event that takes place in Pasadena, California in the US, usually during the winter days or fall. Although the event was initially started in Pasadena, it is now held at various locations at Ohio, Ocean… Read more.

What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is an annual art and culture event held in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. The event begins on a week before the American Labor Day on a Monday. This event is known as Burning Man because a… Read more.

What is Polterabend?

Polterabend, if not a weird tradition, is a very strand wedding custom practiced in Germany. In this tradition, the guests arrive a night before the wedding, and together all of them break porcelain. Such an act is believed to bring… Read more.

What is Noche Buena?

Noche Buena, which means ‘the Good night’, is a Spanish term that refers to Christmas Eve. In many parts of the world like Cuba, Latin America, Spain and Philippines, members of the family get together over the dinner and celebrate…. Read more.

What is Hadaka Matsuri?

An interesting festival that takes place in Japan known as Hadaka Matsuri is a festival wherein Japanese male wear minimum clothing, usually only a white loincloth. This loincloth is known as fundoshi. Males wearing more clothing than just a fundoshi… Read more.

What is Mud Festival?

Mud Festival, an annual event in Boryeong, South Korea, takes place in summer every year. Boryeong is a city located about 200 km south of Seoul in South Korea. In this festival, people dip each other in the mud and… Read more.

What is Up Helly Aa festival?

Up Helly Aa is an annual festival celebrated in Lerwick, Shetland in Scotland. The festival usually starts with processions, marches and visitations of people holding torches. This activity is followed by singing, dancing, and performing in group. It is also… Read more.

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