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What is Halloween?

Halloween is a an annual event or a holiday that is celebrated in the US by involving in activities like costume parties, apple bobbing, discussing scary stories, going to haunted places, involving others in pranks, going for horror movies, and… Read more.

What are Pearly Kings and Queens?

Pearly Kings and Queens, also referred to as Pearlies, are a group of people in London, England, who work for charitable purposes. The members of this group wear outfits that are embellished with pearl buttons, a tradition that was started… Read more.

What is Gurning?

The verb gurn is about making distorted expression on the face. One of the most common, or rather typical gurn would involve protruding the lower jaw ahead and up, and hiding the upper lip behind the lower lip. Although it… Read more.

What is Karni Mata Temple?

Karni Mata Temple, a religious shrine in Rajasthan, India is a temple built in respect of a Hindu Sage, Karni Mata, known to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. Although it is known for its religious importance in India, for… Read more.

What is Geisha?

Geisha is a common name given to Japanese female whose profession is entertaining through various performances, which includes classical dance and music. Terms The term Geisha, like most Japanese nouns, have no plural form. ‘Geisha’ can be loosely translated in… Read more.

What is Maypole Dancing?

Maypole Dancing is a folk dance, mainly observed in western Europe, especially in the countries of Sweden, Germany, Portugal, England, and Basque Country. Although this kind of dancing is practiced in two different traditions, the main theme of dancing remains… Read more.

What is La Tomatina?

What? La Tomatina is a festival of throwing tomatoes celebrated in Spain When? La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday of August every year Where? This festival takes place in Buñol near Valencia in Spain. Why? People celebrate it… Read more.

What is Bog Snorkelling?

Bog snorkelling is a tradition and a sport wherein the participants, usually two at a time, compete against each other to cover the distance of about 60 yards of trench filled with water. The one who reaches the end line… Read more.

What is Aztec Sacrifice?

Aztec was an ethic group of people who resided in Mexico for several centuries starting from 14th century. They dominated major regions of Mesoamerica for several centuries. One f the common custom practiced by Aztec people was human sacrifice to… Read more.

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