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What are Career Goals?

Every individual set specific goals or objectives to progress in their career paths. It can be an employed person or a job seeker who can include things such as taking training for specialized fields, promotions in a set number of… Read more.

What is a Wholesaler?

Find out what is a wholesaler. It is sometimes also called by the name of distributor and is a significant part in the supply chain. Wholesaler is the one who makes available the products from manufacturers to consumers. The wholesaler… Read more.

What Is a Resume?

A resume is a brief document that carries all individual experience including work experience, educational qualification and other activities. This becomes important to create as it is the identification of securing a job interview. In some of the regions, the… Read more.

What Is a Brand Name?

Knowing what is a brand name is very important especially for those who belong to this field or business or advertising segment. Every product comes with a brand name for recognizing it particularly in the market. Different types of brand… Read more.

What Is B2B?

People in business must have already heard about what is B2B. It is called business-to-business, a transaction that mainly targets companies and wholesale buyers. In simple words, if the transactions are targeted to businesses then it is called as B2B…. Read more.

What is a Promotion?

Every working person is aware of what is a promotion. It is the hike of rank which could come along with benefits, rise in payment and responsibility. Most of the people look promotion as a positive factor because the word… Read more.

What is free trade?

Free trade is system in which the capital, goods, and labor can have free flow between the nations without any barriers which can hinder trade’s process. Many of the nations have free trade agreements with other countries. Many international organizations… Read more.

What is e-business?

Ebusiness is term used for businesses which run on internet or on the utilizing of internet technologies to improve productivity or the profitability of business. In general sense the term e-business is used to describe any kind of electronic business… Read more.

What is Payroll?

Payroll is a process that comprises every employee of a company who gets their regular salaries or other compensation under that system. Some employees may be receiving steady salary, but some might be paid on hourly basis or other ways…. Read more.

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