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What is Quitclaim deed?

When a grantor of the land property transfers interest in the land to another person, known as grantee through a deed, that deed is known as a Quitclaim deed. This kind of deed is usually made when the ownership of… Read more.

What is Haberdashery?

Although haberdashery is not a commonly used term, the meaning of this term may vary from place to place. In the UK, haberdashery refers to someone who sells sewing items like thread, ribbons, buttons and so on. In some cases,… Read more.

What is Cross Cultural Communication in Business?

Due to globalization, managers today have to handle the workforce that includes both domestic and foreign employees. This requires special skills to handle such a diverse workforce. Although there is no quick way to understand any given culture, here are… Read more.

What is Aquaculture?

What is Aquaculture? it is a kind of farming done for the aquatic species like fishes, shellfishes, and aquatic plants. This kind of farming involves species from both freshwater and marine water. A similar kind of farming, however done in… Read more.

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