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What is Email phishing?

Phishing is way used by criminal to trap internet users into their fraudulent plans and extract money from them. Phishing can be of many types. It can be through websites, email, text messages and so on. Out of these, Email… Read more.

What is Constructive Criticism?

Constructive criticism, as the name suggests, is a type of criticism that is meant to bring a constructive and positive outcome. It is given by one person to another in a polite manner in order to improve the quality of… Read more.

What is Elimination Communication?

Being a parent is more about being responsible, being kind, and more importantly, it’s about being able to decide. Right from the birth of the child, there are several decision a parent has to take. Some of these would include… Read more.

What is Cross Cultural Communication in Business?

Due to globalization, managers today have to handle the workforce that includes both domestic and foreign employees. This requires special skills to handle such a diverse workforce. Although there is no quick way to understand any given culture, here are… Read more.

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