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An In-depth Description On The Role Of Director Of Phot …

The director of photography, otherwise called the DP or the cinematographer, helps the film director by setting up the visual look of the motion picture. As a DP, you’ll help recount the story through the creative and specialized choices you… Read more.

The Instagram Famous Dogs & Their Professional Lif …

Instagram was once a simple social media started for people to post pictures of their daily rendezvous so as to make a canopy of life events to look back at in the future. Though the application soon turned into a… Read more.

See What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger And How’s I …

Fashion bloggers are taking up the internet and industry very effectively, the numerous bloggers who getting successful with their blogs shows us that, you don’t always need a qualified degree in a genre to make a career out of it…. Read more.

What is Gurning?

The verb gurn is about making distorted expression on the face. One of the most common, or rather typical gurn would involve protruding the lower jaw ahead and up, and hiding the upper lip behind the lower lip. Although it… Read more.

What is La Tomatina?

What? La Tomatina is a festival of throwing tomatoes celebrated in Spain When? La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday of August every year Where? This festival takes place in Buñol near Valencia in Spain. Why? People celebrate it… Read more.