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Adidas Campaign Of Ultra Boost X For The Women By Women

Adidas & Refinery29 are partnering with celebrated female artists to create one-of-a-kind pairs of UltraBOOST X representing all 50 states. The limited edition BOOST the Nation collection is created for women by women to unite creativity through sport and reflect… Read more.

See What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger And How’s I …

Fashion bloggers are taking up the internet and industry very effectively, the numerous bloggers who getting successful with their blogs shows us that, you don’t always need a qualified degree in a genre to make a career out of it…. Read more.

How To Identify Your Face Shape & Guide To What Go …

Getting the right pair of specs is no mean feat, given the plethora of different styles and silhouettes out there. Keeping your peepers supported with top quality lenses that hold the perfect prescription for you is vital for long term,… Read more.

A Hair Drying Trick That Promises A Voluminous Bouncy H …

Different hair suffers differently by the atmosphere, some cry for too much volume in their hair while some cry for lack of it. Hair needs care and a proper routine to keep them the way you desire for them to… Read more.

How To Determine Your Body Type And How To Take Right M …

We are human of different faces, shapes and size and no size or shape is a bad shape, and let no one tell you so. Body types have been different with a very mean manner in past, but we won’t… Read more.

Know 22 Various Types Of Shoes By Their Name

People are hoarders for a variety of stuff. While some people will be all about everything fashion shopping, some go crazy over particular elements of it, some are bag hoarders while some are shoes, well today we will talk for… Read more.

Know Your Personal Style & Try To Experiment With …

Dressing up is a choice an individual chooses for themselves, and it should only and only remain their own choice. But, your outfits portray your outer image, and thus what you wear will play quite an important role in your… Read more.

A Quick DIY Tutorial To The New Cut Out V Neck T-shirts

Never leave a fashion enthusiastic girl with her Clothes and scissors together or she will snitch them down into something completely new. So many recent fashion trends have come into shape due to such repetitive occurrence. The newest trend of… Read more.

The Numerous Advantages Of The Petroleum Jelly

Let’s be real: Vaseline presumably isn’t the principal thing you consider while considering cosmetics bag basics. It’s one of those unsexy items that none of us purchased, yet we as a whole have a container of it lying around someplace…. Read more.

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