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A Beauty & Fashion Starter Pack For Every Newbie V …

With the arrival of June comes the bittersweet start of Schools and Colleges. The start of the academic season is here and demands so much attention from the teens, the pressure of change is pretty real. While for some it… Read more.

A Braid Hairstyle To Zip Up Your Hair In The Back With …

This braid is similar-looking to a conjoined double Cobra Braid, only the stranding is different and very tricky. This is not a new braiding technique, but the braid should be included on the list as one of the most beautiful… Read more.

Making & Styling Of A Plain Dark Gray Shrug

With the summer heat, we have all taken up on wearing loose clothing and clothes with shorter sleeves and legs, helping in as much easier access for air to pass through our body. Clingy clothes not only creates sweat but… Read more.

Wear Your Long Skirts Even In Monsoons But In A Differe …

Rains as near approaching, in fact, the midnight showers before the day-long rains have already started making their presence every other day. And thus, all those long dresses and skirts will have to take a backseat in your closet, but… Read more.

Ten Trendiest Fashion Elements of 2017

With the fashion world never ceasing to hold back on their creativity, fashion is on run every season with new style coming back for the season every season. It might sometimes be the comeback of past fashion with a twist… Read more.

The Summer Outfit Ideas Of Colors & Prints

There has become a basic trend of flow style and fashion which flows according to the current season. While the woolen in winter and cotton in summers is pretty self-explanatory, the new about fashion styles also keeps dividing in the… Read more.

Plain White Shirt For Various Outfits For This Summer

There are few wardrobe essentials that we lean on more than the classic white button-down shirt. It’s the real deal: The true wear-anywhere closet staple. In crisp cotton or soft silk, its tailored shape brings elegance to distressed denim and… Read more.

Boyfriend Shirt Converted Into A Dungarees

Who doesn’t love the looseness and the comfort the boyfriend shirts provide. Every girl saw heaven the day the loose fitted easy going boyfriend shirts became a trendy fashion thing. Ever since then, whenever you want to pull off a… Read more.

Sleeveless To Cold-Shoulder Top- Learn How to Make It

“What do I wear today? I have Got nothing in My Closet” which basically means I am bored of my same old clothes with same boring style. Isn’t this all of us every fortnight. But still, we won’t ever have… Read more.

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