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What is a home loan?

Home loan is nothing but an amount borrowed from a loan lender or a bank by those people who want to purchase a home. Definitely, building own home is among the first priorities of every person in the modern time…. Read more.

What Is a Mortgage?

Do you know what is a mortgage? If not then read this article as it enfolds important details that ensures improving your knowledge to a significant level. A mortgage is a loan which is taken by a buyer to pay… Read more.

What Is a Stipend?

When you are not appointed on salary basis and work under training, you get stipend. Many companies take freshers, train them and for their services the companies pay them stipends which are minimal amount paid for their services. So now… Read more.

What Is Legal Action?

Read what is legal action to improve your knowledge about law. It refers to the process of setting up a court case. It is very commonly used by people in every country where court system is followed or in the… Read more.

What is a family loan?

If you are still confused and have lack of knowledge about family loan then read further to understand the real answer to what is a family loan. A family loan is considered as a personal loan that is made for… Read more.

What is a 1099 Form?

In United States, small businesses and other employers use different forms to record the income earned by employees and independent contractors. Usually, employees of the business in U.S. receive W-2 form which lists the income they received during the financial… Read more.

What is Capitalized Interest?

Capitalized interest is the interest that has its roots with the loan agreement of all types. It can be counted with the expensed interest that comes when a scheduled loan payment is not made on time. In other words, the… Read more.

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