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“Beard Culture” more than just a Fashion Trend

The “No Shave November” just a passed us and now is far away from us, the gist by which the beard culture took over the male fashion is still visible as boys and men have started loving their facial hair… Read more.

Have you heard of the term Crisis Actors? (No you won …

Crisis Actors is a theory that comes up in recent years when people started noticing similar looking people at various major massacres of the witnesses or people related to the victims. If you first start searching for the theory you… Read more.

Personalized Minimalistic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

With the arrival of 21st of December, we all are hurrying into all the pending preparation for Christmas. By now all the late and last minuters too are done with all the shopping of Gifts and now is the time… Read more.

What is a guru?

Guru is spiritual teacher and he leads disciples to self-realization and wisdom. He imparts knowledge to disciple and guides him to divinity. This word is used commonly in Sikh, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions and it indicates religious teacher. Origin of… Read more.

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