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What is Geisha?

Geisha is a common name given to Japanese female whose profession is entertaining through various performances, which includes classical dance and music. Terms The term Geisha, like most Japanese nouns, have no plural form. ‘Geisha’ can be loosely translated in… Read more.

What is Las Fallas?

Las Fallas is a 5-day annual celebration that takes place in Valencia, Spain, from March 15 to March 19. This festival involves making nintos (dolls or puppets), and setting it on fire. ‘Las Fallas’, in Valencian language, means ‘the fire’…. Read more.

What is Baby Jumping?

Baby Jumping, also known as El Colacho, in an ancient tradition practiced in Spain since 1620. This is an annual celebration of Corpus Christi that first started in Castrillo de Murcia in Spain. During this celebration, the one dressed as… Read more.

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