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What is Baby Jumping?

Baby Jumping, also known as El Colacho, in an ancient tradition practiced in Spain since 1620. This is an annual celebration of Corpus Christi that first started in Castrillo de Murcia in Spain. During this celebration, the one dressed as devil, El Colacho, jumps over the babies that took birth in the past 12 months.

Among the many strange traditions practiced in Spain, this one seems to be the strangest. However, like with every tradition, El Colacho festival too has a story attached to it. These jumping devils represent the devils running away from Eucharist. By jumping over the child, who is laid down on the ground, the devil takes all the evil and purifies the child.

Baby Jumping

This celebration lasts for a few days. However, the most important day is Sunday, when maximum participation is witnessed. Sometimes, adults are also laid down on the ground, with the children. These are adults who had not received such blessings in their childhood, and who believe that bad luck is still with them.

The devil, although scary, is not as scary as the people who organize this event – Santisimo Sacramento de Minerva. This group of organizers has been arranging the event since early 17th Century, and they are extremely picky about choosing babies that will get jumped. However, the Baby jumping or El Colacho is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Spain.

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