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What is Law?

A system of rules and guidelines that the society has to follow is called as Law. Law is enforced by the government of every country in order to protect the person and his property from any harm. However, not all countries have government rule to follow the law, but they are practiced under different ruling body if not the government.

Most of the countries in the world have thousands or less pages of law that are enforced by the authorities like police, supported by court and prison systems.  In simple words, the law can be described as the body of official rules and regulations which can be generally found in judicial opinions, legislation or constituency. A law is very important to govern a society or country where people maintain a controlled behavior and formal mechanism is practiced in the form of social control.



There is a list of different categories available when it comes to law. It includes trust law, property law, contract law, constitutional law, criminal law, tort law, international law, and administrative law. Every law present in the world set separate rules for a separate area of human activity. For say, a person does a crime by killing a human being, would be recorded as a serious crime against the law.  If there is an absence of law, people would probably forget how to walk, sit, stay, and live in a culture or society. There won’t be any fear of crime performed by people and neither there would be a good society to live in. Instead, pointless arguments would take place with a near to standstill in the economy.

Therefore, a law is formed after the political orientation where more or less law comes into favor. However, now all laws of different countries are similar. You will find each country with separate and unique law that is followed by every person living in the country. This ensures disciplined nation and powerful nation. The more the law is powerful, the more the country becomes disciplined and effective.

What is Law


A law is the one that shapes the economics, society as well as politics. It serves humanity as a social mediator of relations among people. There are various types of laws available such as contract law, property law, trust law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, and others.


Law also brings out facts of the important and complex issues which even concern fairness, justice and equality. Every law formed by the countries is most important and useful to follow. Even each section for say property can be affected if there is no presence of law.

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