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What Is B2B?

People in business must have already heard about what is B2B. It is called business-to-business, a transaction that mainly targets companies and wholesale buyers. In simple words, if the transactions are targeted to businesses then it is called as B2B. On the other hand, if the transactions are with individuals then it becomes B2C (business-to-customer).

There are many organizations that operate both B2B and B2C components, but in major form the companies sold products and services that are considered in B2B nature. B2B is more popular in the market for a particular reason. For example, an individual visits a clothing manufacturer’s website to browse and buy a sweater and a pair of shoes, but if it is a buyer for national chain of clothing stores then he may order for a lot, for say, 5000 pairs of shoes and 3000 sweaters. This is the major difference that interest many companies to offer B2B service alongside B2C through their websites and other outlets.

What Is B2B

The sales of B2B are also produced by offering specialized products and services that are not commonly sold to general public. In manufacturing world, you will find this type of transaction very common. For say, a company manufactures shaving cream in cans may require specific plastic nozzle which an individual could require as 1-2 pieces, but a manufacture will order in bulk.

After the rise of electronic communications, B2B market has risen and received more importance. Now the modern corporations are not only focusing on business-to-business sales, but are also entering into other financial transactions that are easily made online. For investment, form financial alliances and trade stocks, B2B communications have turned out as effective and important. There are several B2B transactions that are operated electronically and are effectively run in millions and billions of dollars.

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