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What are the different ways of fortune reading?

Fortune reading is not only done by observing your palm or seeing those tarot cards. Fortune reading is way beyond these things. Some believe in it while some don’t. At the end of the day, its up to you. However, here are few different ways in which fortune reading is done.

Alectryomancy: Alectryomancy is fortune telling process that is done by chickens. The chicken is placed in a pile of grains. They believe that each pile of grain resembles a letter. So when the chickens start to peck the grains, the diviner sought out the puzzle. The chicken needs to be a pure white cockerel.

Haruspicy: This was a way of predicting the future through the detailed study of animal entrails, usually the liver. This way of fortune telling was practiced by the Romans. But it was technically an Etruscan practice. It is believed that the God Tages give this to his followers who continued this legacy and introduced it to the Romans.

Parrot Astrology: This way of fortune telling is very popular in Singapore however, it originated from South India. These parrots are nothing like the exotic Amazon parrots rather plain simple green parrots. It is the birds job to select certain cards and then the fortune teller simply reads the card.

Scatomancy: This way of fortune telling has been around for quite a while now. The future is predicted by examining the feces. This way of fortune telling started in Egypt.

Asparamancy: With the help of some spears of asparagus, future is predicted. All you have to do is toss the veggie in the air and examine it when it falls on the ground.

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