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What is The New Zodiac Sign?

On January 10, 2011, a new zodiac sign was added to the list of 12. There are now 13 zodiac signs, with Ophiuchus being the new one.

What does it mean for people in other zodiac signs?

Ophiuchus New Zodiac signSince the new zodiac sign has been to adjusted in the same calendar of 365 days, there has been major changes in the dates of all the zodiac signs.

This means a person, who previously belonged to Virgo can now be a Leo. It has been said that the personality traits and many other characteristics, in fact even the future of an individual depends majorly on his zodiac sign. However, this change means there would be a major shift in characteristics, personality traits, and future.

Parke Kunkle found the new astronomical symbol in the night sky, and hence the changes. However, according to him, this change would affect only the ones who are born after the year 2008, which Ophiuchus was first noticed. This shift is caused due to the wobbly axis of Earth caused due to gravitational pull of the moon. Hence, there is nothing really that would impact the fates of the humankind.

However, if ancient records are to be believed, Ophiuchus was one of the original 48 constellations defined by Ptolemy. It was also Ophiuchusonce included in astrology. However, since number 13 was considered unlucky, it was removed from the list, leaving only the 12 signs that most people are now aware about. Such changes in astronomy, horoscope and zodiac signs had been noticed even during the era that existed in 289 BC. And it has been happening since then. So, this piece of news should not come to surprise to human beings.

Whether or not the addition is correct, there are actually no evidence that supports the idea that these stars actually affect the day to day life of people on earth. There are millions and millions of people who do not have any traits that matches with their zodiac signs. However, since there are millions of believers, the trend is expected to continue for many more centuries.

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