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What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is an annual art and culture event held in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. The event begins on a week before the American Labor Day on a Monday. This event is known as Burning Man because a huge effigy is burnt on Saturday night, which is now an inseparable ritual of the event. This event is organized by Black Rock City LLC every year.

Burning Man

Timeline :

The event was first started in 1986 at Baker Beach in San Francisco and was attended by just 20 people. Gradually, the number of participants started increasing. Burning Man 2010 witnessed participation by about 51,500 people. It is expected that a record number of people will attend Burning Man 2012.

Entry :

Anyone who is interested in art or has the ability to afford the fee can enter the event. Participants are expected to take care of their own needs and observe the rules of the event.

Burning Man Festival

Gifts :

The participants were earlier given cash gifts. Later, a barter system was introduced where in people exchanged their offerings. However, this too was discouraged, and eventually economical gifts are given to one another in Burning Man.

Self Reliance :

The organizers do not take responsibility of any damage or injury caused to the participants. This is because the event takes place in a remote area, where being responsible is necessary for participants. And it is also important for them to bring their own supplies.

What is Burning Man

Participation in Art :

Participants are encouraged to take part in the events and express themselves in a number of art forms and other ways. Since Burning Man is a clothing-optional event, many do not prefer to wear clothes throughout the event. The number of nude participants is increasing every day.

Negligible Impact on the Environment :

Among the very mandatory few things in Burning Man is the participation in ‘Leave No Trace’ event, wherein each participant has to ensure that the environment is kept clean and safe, and they leave the place in a better condition than it was earlier.

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