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What is Aquaculture?

What is Aquaculture? it is a kind of farming done for the aquatic species like fishes, shellfishes, and aquatic plants. This kind of farming involves species from both freshwater and marine water. A similar kind of farming, however done in natural habitats is Mariculture, albeit different from aquaculture.

This oceanic agriculture helps to preserve the ecological balance of the earth. Moreover, it also provides more produce for the seafood industry. Therefore, number of people involving in this kind of farming is increasing every day. Aquaculture thus also provides more employment opportunities.

AquacultureIt has been reported that more than one half of the fishes and shellfishes used by humans comes from aquaculture. There are several specific kinds of aquaculture viz. Shrimp farming, fish farming, algaculture and oyster farming. Aquaponics is a kind of farming that integrates both fish and plant farming, and it is a common method in most places.

Now that we know what is aquaculture, let us discuss a very closely related industry – Aquaculture Systems. In order to do this farming in a more organized way, more and more technologies are being developed. Various systems and machineries are used for this oceanic farming, and these instruments as a whole are known as aquaculture systems.

As of now, China is the reported to be a leader in aquaculture output. However, these number lack concrete evidence, hence leader would not be an appropriate title. But it certainly does produce output in huge quantity.

With the increase in seafood-eating population, increasing the produce of aquaculture has become extremely important. The fishes that can be naturally found in fresh water and marine water is inadequate to meet the global requirements. Besides, many threats like pollution, over fishing, and extinction of many species have reduced the output severely. It has been reported that by 2040, the entire oceanic species would become extinct and there would be no fishes to consume. In such a scenario, aquaculture and aquaculture systems play a very important role in increasing the produce.

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