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What is Guerilla Marketing?

A very different type of marketing, guerilla marketing, is an advertising campaign that is more interactive, innovative, and appealing. Rather than simply advertising on a billboard or on television, this method targets customers through creative messages at unconventional or unexpected places. The aim of guerilla marketing campaigns is to engage customers through innovative ideas that should eventually turn viral.

Guerilla Marketing What is Guerilla marketing

The two guerilla marketing examples shown above don’t involve spending huge advertising budget. The message is clear, creatively presented, and is extremely effective. Guerilla Marketing can include almost every possible place and every possible method used to promote the business. However, some of the common places where you might see such guerilla marketing ideas are public bathrooms, parks, streets, outside a retail store, in a mall, etc.

Here are some of the best Guerilla examples:

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Here are some pointers on Guerilla marketing:

  • The message is direct, more personal, and more effective.
  • When planning a guerilla marketing campaign, it is important to realize that the strategies should be based on human psychology, and not just assumption or judgment.
  • Instead of attracting a huge number of new customers, it focuses on retaining old customers, referrals, more transactions by same customers, etc.
  • It is a combination of many marketing strategies, plus some more strategies.
  • Use the same message in different manner over and over again, instead of coming up with new messages every time.

Guerilla Marketing campaigns

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