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What is double clutching?

Before we understand what is double clutching, let us first discuss how a normal car or truck driver drives the vehicle. First, after starting the vehicle, the driver depresses the clutch, moves the shifter from neutral to the next gear, and releases the clutch. When the vehicle gains a bit of momentum, the drives depresses the clutch again, and moves from one gear to another.

However, in case of double clutching, another step is added to the process. Instead of putting the shifter from one gear to another, he will move the shifter to the neutral, release the clutch, and then moves to the next gear after a while. This process cools down the engine, and makes the transition of gears very smooth. It may seem to be quite a lengthy and troublesome process. However, it all happens in a split of a second, and in a series of actions.

The new cars that are manufactured these days come with a synchronization system that helps the gear-box to go in sync with the engine. So, you don’t really have to perform the process of double clutching. However, many large vehicles like trucks have several gears. This makes the synchronization system ineffective. In such cases, double clutching makes the engine more efficient and long-lasting. Also, cars that are made for speed or racing can drive out more performance using this method of double clutching.

What is Double clutching

Many automobile experts suggest that this is the actual way of driving a manual transmission car. It eliminates any kinds of jerks that are experienced while switching the car from one gear to another. Besides, it makes the engine more fuel-efficient, durable, and smooth.

One can use this technique even during downshifting the gear. This method is really useful during races. If you have to downshift during a turn, a sudden jerk (while transition from one gear to another), would not very decent.

For drivers that haven’t been using this technique, or who still wondering what is double clutching, this process would be a bit difficult initially. However, practicing for a while everyday would eventually reap sweet fruits. After few weeks, when you have perfected the feat, you will realize that it is in fact a much better way to drive. The engine starts responding in a smooth way, and the gearbox operates smoothly.

Once you have perfected double clutching, the passengers in the car would not even realize that the vehicle is moving from one gear to another, which make the ride really pleasant and enjoyable.

Here are some tips that might help you in double clutching :

  • You don’t have to stomp the clutch all the way to the floor of the car. Simply learn (which might take some time) where the clutch disengages and reengages with the car. So, after perfecting this skill, you don’t have to stomp to the full limit, but only a bit of it.
  • If you are about to start practicing double clutching, do not fill the gas till maximum. This might damage your car’s engine and cause overspill.

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