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List of Some Deceptive Advertising Examples

Sometimes, messages and promises in advertisements are too good to be true. If they intended exaggeration (and to be a bit funny), customers would not mind it. However, some ads are simply deceptive and convey false messages. Here are a few examples of deceptive advertising.

False Smoking Advertising

Does this ad really look funny or appealing? Not at all. The ad is displayed by American Cancer Society. And of course they are simply being sarcastic. But at least make the message clearer.

Deceptive Coca-Cola Advertising

Coca Cola: Relieves Flatulence? We have all had Coca Cola at least once. Have we experienced something like that?

Deceptive Cigarette Advertising

This is probably an old ad. However, claiming something like this is totally unethical, regardless of the time it was aired. A perfect example of deceptive advertising.

Deceptive Lockheed-Martin Advertising

Although it was back in 1960’s, claiming that ‘War is Peace’ would never appeal to customers. How can WAR ever be PEACE? More than deception, this seems to a completely illogical and absurd tagline to promote the brand.

Deceptive Shrek Advertising

Here is a bit more of nonsensical stuff.

And the winner is…

False Advertising Examples

This is one of the most deceptive advertising anyone would have every come across. A big print ad that claims that you could see people naked, using these X-Ray glasses, and when you buy it for $1, you get a cheap frame that gives you a distorted vision of the things right in front of you.

Some of these Deceptive Advertising Examples are really old. But, the legacy continues even today. Most brands today are not hesitant to claim extraordinary, unbelievable and too-good-to-be-true results after using their products. We don’t really mind it unless it’s outright deceptive.

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