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What is Literary Criticism?

The in-depth study, opinion, analysis, and interpretation of literature or a written work and its meaning is known as literary criticism.  In the modern age, literary criticism is done through literary theory which means having philosophical discussions about the aims or goals of such writing. However, the concepts of literary criticism and literary are two separate elements.

However, there have recently been quite a few controversies about the differentiation of these two terms. Many people believe these terms have same meanings and hence, they are used interchangeably in many places.

Since it involves providing analysis and opinion on the work, the views should be backed by adequate reasons and explanations. Hence, literary criticism is always either in an essay form or a book.

History :

Literary criticism has been in use since past many centuries. In 4th Century BC, Aristotle wrote a book, Poetics, in which he criticized the then-existing work of art. Similarly, Bharata Muni in Natya Shashtra has provided literary criticism on Indian literature and other works.

Literary Criticism

Renaissance Criticism :

The literary criticism of Renaissance threw more light on how the content show flow and unite. This made literature a part of people’s culture.

Recent Examples :

During the early nineteenth century, literary criticism gained popularity, which also added aesthetical ideas. It also explained to people that the given work of art should not necessarily be beautiful, perfect or innovative. However, every opinion or evaluation of a written work, even a long review of a sci-fi book, is considered to be literary critics.

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