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What is Street Marketing?

Street marketing, as the name suggests, involves marketing techniques used to promote products or services in order to gain attention of the customers present on the streets. However, the reach of this method is not limited only to streets. It covers various public places like bus stops, malls, railways, etc.

Instead of simply promoting through billboards, street marketing uses various places, including the street as well, to evoke some emotions in the customer. Since it is not a usual method of marketing, people are generally surprised, which causes them to notice the brand. Street marketing is very similar to Guerilla Marketing. However, there is a difference between the two. The former is a subset of the latter, as street marketing is limited only to public places.

Street Marketing

What is street marketing Intelligent Street Marketing Popular advertising slogans 2011 Guerilla marketing

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Although the first inventor of street marketing is not known, the method was initiated by small businesses, who instead of waiting for customers, wanted to attract customers to their businesses. Besides, this kind of marketing was much cheaper than spending for billboards, newspaper or television advertisements. 30 best examples of intelligent street marketing are given below

While street marketing still remains to be the most effective mode of advertising for small business, it might not be viable for companies that seek attention of millions of people at once.

Street Marketing

Intelligent Street Marketing What is Street Marketing Street Marketing

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Intelligent Street Marketing What is Street Marketing

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