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What is a Manager?

In most simple terms, a manager is the one who helps others to conclude the work on time. He is the person who handles the department and takes up responsibilities in handling the tasks given to employees. Some of the common things on which a manager has to concentrate are –

  • Motivating people under him

Role of Manager

  • Providing them directions
  • Ensuring that the employees are working together to meet a common goal

What is Manager

  • Removing obstacles
  • Giving feedback

For example, in commercial franchises such as fast food restaurants, the role of a retail manager is to make sure that the flow of business functionality are running smoothly. If in case an employee falls sick and is not turning up for office then a good manager will Manageralways fill up his gap by taking care of the problems quickly like stock or deliveries. It is his job to look after basic needs of the company, taking up short term decisions on normal basis, and finalizing operational needs.

There are several steps of a manager. There is a beginning manager who is responsible for handling a small team or small project. Over him would be senior manager to watch the work. The beginner has to learn the weaknesses and strengths of the team members. A beginning manager gets limited responsibilities to handle money issues. The goals already remain set for the beginner by his higher up where he also gets feedback and provides feedback the employees under him. The most important thing is that right from the beginning a manager has to understand the difference between leadership and management. Those who want to advance their careers will have to begin with the development of their leadership skills right the beginning of the career.

The upper level management is responsible for guiding the business and overseeing it in order to gain success and this is possible after making strategic long term decisions for the company. Strategies are basically based on extrapolating plans that need attention and analyzing data.

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