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What is a Court Hearing?

A hearing or court hearing is a case where in decisions are made by the judge after analyzing the facts and figures presented by both the parties in a court room. A Court hearing is done for a judgment is to be made within the legal system. In simple words, a hearing is a court case where decision is made regarding an ongoing case.

How Can One Find About The Hearing?

Once the hearing is done for the day, the person would be given further facts as per the directions each hearing would go. A notice would be provided to the person involved into the case with date, time and location of the hearing.

When the Hearing is Held?

Once the conference is done, a hearing then takes around six to eight weeks of time.

What is a Court Hearing

Who Presides the Hearing?

A hearing is basically presided by a single commissioner (or single judge) or a judge and 1-2 commissioners (a full court). Most commonly, a case is presided by a full bench or a judge.

Where the Hearing is Held?

Location is decided first for full party involved into case remains present during court hearing. For this, the person including those who presides over the case, parties and parties’ lawyers, and several court staff gather at the decided location. Around 1 hour or so duration is set for a simple matter. The hearing starts with a view after which the case is heard in a court room. A case is basically held in a court room/court house/council chambers/town hall of the town.

Recognizing Members and their Seating Area

A full bench or a judge or commissioner presides over the hearing and sits at the front of the room at high desk which is technically called as ‘the bench’. Judge and commissioner have their secretary and other court staff who sit in front of the judge or commissioner at the lower desk. Lawyers and parties sit at a long table which is called as ‘the bar table’ by facing the bench. Also, a court reporter remains present and sit either at the front of the court typing or behind the glass screen which is at the back of the court taping. Rest of the members present in the court such as witnesses, lawyer, and members of the public sit in the seats provided at the back of the court room. In some cases, witnesses are asked to stand out of the court room in order to keep them away from the evidences provided by others during the case running.

Things Required to Carry During Hearing

A court hearing is very important to attend by those who are involved in the case. One should provide the court with copies of all relevant documents. One also has to carry the original documents to the court along with a copy. Also, one has to carry pen and paper to take notes if required.

Things Happen at the Hearing?

The View – In many cases the commissioner or judge take view of the site and surrounding area for better understanding to the case. Court HearingThe parties can point out things that they want authorities to be noted or things that they could likely refer during the hearing. The case then adjourns and resumes in the court room.

The Court Room – once the case comes into a court room, more formal part of hearing begins. Procedures of court vary from case to case, but basically it is the person who files the appeal comes first. The person is called as appellant who starts by explaining or opening the case. The appellant can give evidence and can even call other witnesses for evidence. All the witnesses could also be cross examined. Once all the witnesses of appellant have been called, the turn for other party of parties begins. Case opens and witnesses are called in. Appellant’s summary is heard at the end followed by the court adjourns.

After the Hearing

Once the hearing is done with all evidences put in front by the either parties, the court then reserves its decision for the judge or commissioner to think about the case for some time and prepare a written decision. Preparation of decision is done within six weeks after the end of the hearing.

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