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What is Chinese Birth Chart?

Ancient times were living into predictions produced by experts with the help of various superstitious things. Accordingly, Chinese What is Chinese Birth Chartpeople years ago or during ancient times created Chinese Birth Chart to predict the gender of a child living in the womb of a pregnant woman. Here the question arises is can an ancient Chinese calendar has that much potential to really predict the gender of your baby?

If this is happening since ancient times then many people would have used this prediction and many would have made a decision to get either a girl or a boy child. Basically, it is not permitted to check whether the baby in the womb is a girl or a boy as it goes against the law where many people after that think of dropping the plan for having a child.

Leaving apart all these things, when it comes to Chinese birth chart, it discovered 700 years ago and is more precisely called as Chinese prediction calendar. Here, the calendar uses a woman’s age and month of pregnancy to predict the gender of the child. Moreover, a Chinese fertility chart is also available which is basically a preconception tool used by those who want a particular gender in future.

Directions to Use Chinese Birth Chart

Chinese Birth Chart

  • Open the Chinese birth chart or the gender prediction chart and use mother’s age at conception (mark from the left side of the chart) and also mark the month of conception (mark month from the top down)
  • Match your age and month of conception and form an angle or join the row and column as shown in the chart and you will get to know whether you are carrying a girl or a boy

There are lots of secrets behind the Chinese gender chart where one can predict the gender of a baby before he/she is conceived. This chart can also be used for gender selection. However, before using this chart you will definitely like to know whether it really predicts the truth about future or is just another rumor.


It has been believed by the doubters that Chinese Gender Chart is fifty percent correct and is somewhat similar to what you basically find in a completely random way of predicting gender. However, there is a huge difference between gender prediction through this ancient chart and ultrasound scan. Still, if you know how to use this chart properly, you might find some amazing facts.

The birth chart is based on lunar calendar and includes factors such as Five Elements and yin and yang. Accordingly, the Chinese Birth Chart is considered as pretty accurate.


Chinese Birth Chart was invented during the Qing Dynasty and has been used for more than 300 years. This chart was given high attention and was kept by royal eunuchs. Moreover, it was only used by concubines and nobles.

However, it was the late Qing Dynasty when the Eight Nation Alliance entered China and the military forces took away this chart with them. The chart was then taken to England and was translated into English for the use of King’s sole. This chart was later disclosed to the public later.

Gender Prediction Chart

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