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What are Hazard Lights?

Hazard lights are the signals used on automobiles to alert other drivers from problem. The hazard lights are the signal lights that are created to blink from front and rear of the car. It is kept activated when a car is stopped at the side of the road or highway in order to keep other vehicles alert that a car has stopped at the road.

Hazard light typically runs on the same circuit where the regular lights are run, but they are controlled with a separate switch. It becomes important to know when to use hazard lights as it is useful during emergency situation. However, the driver also gets other option as highway flares. The hazard lights are activated with a small switch that is positioned close to the steering column and at separate area so that lights do not get activated accidentally and unconsciously by hand. Many cars has this switch that is symbolized as a small triangular icon over it and is marked in red or orange color so that it remains more visible to be activated soon enough during emergencies.

Hazard Lights


There are two most common types of hazard light switches provided one is called as tab that requires to be pulled and the button that is basically pressed for activation.

Activation and General Rules

Once the switch is activated, all the turn signals or turn lights available on the car get illuminated and continuously blinks in a rhythmic pattern. This indicates that a vehicle is standing, alerting other vehicles running on the road that a car is put to halt. When this pattern light is visible, drivers on the road get an idea and do not get confuse while driving. When it comes to general rules, a driver driving on the road if finds any vehicle with turn light then has to slow down his/her vehicle until the problem is known.

Most commonly, hazard lights are activated on disabled car that is pulled to the side of the road and is kept the lights blinking. Using this lighting system is very important especially during night as the visibility of the car increases from hazard lights in order to not hit it by other drivers. At accident scenes, vehicles could use this lighting pattern to warn other drivers about unusual conditions. If such scenario is found, one should get down by parking the vehicle at a safe side and help to clear the lane.

Car Hazard Lights

Driving cannot be done only with hazard lights along as it could also lead to danger. It should not also be used to warn the coming traffic about the coming hazards. So, the better option here is to flash the headlights or lightly tapping the horn of the vehicle. The use of hazard lights could confuse the incoming driver whereas; if the lights are flashed the driver understands the sign to slow down and remain cautious.

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