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What is DUI?

Operating a motor cycle or vehicle is easy, but more important is to follow the norms in order to safely travel on the road. In certain cases, you would have already witnessed that people driving vehicles after consuming alcohol or intoxicants are not recommended to What is DUItake and drive. Due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol, many face traffic deaths or other serious accidents and the only reason for such fatal condition is drink and drive.

To regulate this cause, countries have established strict laws where drivers driving the vehicles are not supposed to drink or intoxicate. In some of the states, violation of these created laws for the safety of people is called as DUI which is the abbreviation of Driving Under the Influence. Other states refer it as DWI, which is Driving While Intoxicated. Many laws of DUI were established by keeping in mind the federal highway funding mandates. To qualify for federal road maintenance assistance, all the states were induced to describe a legal age limit for consumption of alcohol. Moreover, the law was also included the legal level of intoxication for drivers. Generally, a legal drinking age limit has been identified as 21 years, though some states allow consuming low level of alcohol such as bear and wine at age limit of 18 years. However, on later stage, the federal highway has been encouraged the uniform drinking age limit at 21 years.

This rule enables a law enforcement officer to observe any suspicious driving behavior and stopping the vehicle on road, leading to final checking of alcohol consumption. If he finds any strong odor of alcohol from driver then he will perform legal procedure where field sobriety test is also undertaken to determine intoxication. A DUI charge cannot be applied only with suspicion, it has to be factual based. The officer can also perform blood alcohol content test in which the presence of a percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream of the driver can take him/her behind bars. However, the DUI suspects are also free to refuse the BAC test or can call a lawyer for legal defense from interrogation.

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