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What is an Autonomous Car?

An autonomous car is basically called as a robotic car or a car that is not driven by any driver, but is a self-driving car. It is also called as a driverless car which has capability to fulfill all those requirements that a normal human driven car provides. The role of an autonomous vehicle is to sense its environment and navigate by itself without waiting for the driver to turn the steering or other functions.

The passenger has to simply choose a destination and the car will drop him/her right at the specified destination. This produces several direct advantages which are listed below –

  • Lesser risk of crashes as the autonomous system integrated in the car increases the reliability than the human drivers
  • Reduction of oil consumption and air pollution as better traffic flow is being managed with the removal of safety features
  • Autonomous cars find their fastest way to reach at the destination by taking into account the traffic congestion
  • Such cars reduce the amount of space required to park it
  • Autonomous cars do not violate the law and could not cause traffic collision, vehicle insurance and traffic police. So, all these problems are reduced or can be said as eliminated
  • Autonomous cars receive necessary communication electronically and so there is no need for physical signs or road signage

Autonomous Car
There are many features that an autonomous vehicle provides which are completely absent in the human driven cars in the world. Therefore, one can consider the self-driven vehicle in which one just has to sit and enjoy the miraculous ride without controlling the car.

Techniques used in the car :

There are several advanced techniques used in the autonomous cars such as laser, lidar, radar, computer vision, and GPS that function constantly to drop you safely from one destination to other. One of the best news about autonomous vehicles is that the license application of Google to test autonomous vehicles on the public roads of Nevada has been approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The Autonomous Review Committee of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has tested business license and license plates for international company. The plate displays the sign of an infinity symbol and those vehicles which have been tested would be holding a red plate with this infinity sign on the left side of the car or vehicle.

What is an Autonomous Car

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