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How Long Do Tires Last?

A tire of a car lasts as per its quality and numerous other factors. Tires also have to do with the care it gets. If it constantly runs on rugged terrain, obviously you have to make sure that the tire remains on good condition for longer. Various manufacturers are available to offer different quality tires that make the car run smoothly on road. However, if you want well labeled tires that you need to shell out some extra money that gives additional run to cover miles of areas quickly and smoothly.

Generally, tires have a capacity to run around 25,000 to 50,000 miles, but various factors are needed to be considered before counting How Long Do Tires Lastthe duration. It could be driving conditions, road conditions and weather condition that bring changes in tires. The quality is deteriorated slowly due to the environmental conditions. Still, more than 50 percent of life is considered on tires. Accordingly, a tire is measured to run for at least 50,000 miles or 80,000 km or can even go for 75,000 miles or 120,000 km. One of the best ways to keep tires in good condition is to maintaining the air level in them. If tires are not proper inflated then a lot of stress can be given to them, leading to increase in temperature that happens due to more contact with road surface for long. This is why the structural integrity of the tires break down sooner than what happens in normal inflation.

In order to maintain the tires for longer duration, owners should keep rotating the tires. This means the front tires should be shifted to back and back tires should be fitted at the front of the vehicle. The front wheel drive vehicles give too much of stress to the front wheels of the car due to which they loss their quality soon. The same happens in rear wheel drive models where the rear tyres get a lot of pressure and demand rotation in occasions.

Apart from lack of maintenance issues, the tires also fall short in duration if the driver drives the vehicle very aggressively. Those who accelerate fast or quickly stop are more vulnerable to destroy the quality of tires at much higher rate than normal.

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