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What are Parking Lights?

Parking lights are also called as running lights which are used in vehicles to increase visibility during numerous situations. Parking lights are always required as an important factor though not many countries find its uses. Most of the cars in the world come packed with parking lights though they are often associated with headlights. Earlier, parking lights used to run on different electrical system where cars were parked at narrow and poorly lit roads where parking lights were highly important. Several countries still serve this feature where people are more accustomed in using this light.

Parking Lights

Excluding U.S., the parking lights get clear lenses in order to emit white light. In spite of yellow light, white light gives clear visibility even in poor conditions. However, not much bright lights are offered on headlights since the lamps and surface area that are covered by the lens are of small size. Considering the same parking lights in U.S., they are often produced with amber lenses that perfectly distinguish them from white headlights and red brake lights.

What are Parking Lights

Basically, parking lights on a car is either placed on both the sides of the front fascia or on outside of the headlights. Parking lights can also be found placed at the rear of the car along the side of the vehicle which overall increases visibility. Apart from increase in visibility, parking lights also alert the drivers that there is a presence of a car. In fact, parking lights are also very useful during emergencies. Drivers lit parking lights to add more visibility on the road during night time, but they only use in the cities where use of parking lights are permitted. Parking lights can be found on various types of vehicles, but its uses are more centered as per the permissions of their use.

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