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What is Blackmail?

Blackmail is a common term which is used frequently across the world due to a lot of criminal cases. The word Blackmail is basically a crime committed by a person to reveal the secret of another person who can face embarrassing or damaging situation if the information is leaked out. In most cases, blackmailing is related to sex scandals, property issues or some other things that the person does not want to reveal in front of public or families, but the blackmailer forces for the sake of benefits.

The person who tries to blackmail other is called as blackmailer and he/she does it purposely to get something of his benefits like Blackmailmoney or anything on his favor. The blackmailer basically holds the secret information such as photographs or letters which he/she can show to others as a proof. Blackmailing sometimes turn into extortion, but both have different meaning. Blackmail refers only to threats of action that is not perfectly illegal where one can reveal the compromising photographs. On the other hand, extortion relies on more active threats where physical harm can be found.

In blackmailing, the victim is threatened to surrender and is convinced to offer anything that the blackmailer requires. If the victim refuses to do so then the blackmailer gets ready to expose his/her private life onto public. Once the matter leaked to friends and families, the situation becomes out of control where consequences can even be fatal. Such cases are often heard where victims feel scare of their extramarital affairs, homosexuality, past history, or some other socially inacceptable things. Apart from this, comparatively new type of blackmail is practiced these days which is more common to extortion. However, it is called as commercial blackmail.

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