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What are the Different Types of Auto Paint?

Auto paint comes in four different types these days whereas; earlier in the late 1800s there were different kinds of auto paint available in the market. The four basic types of paint that are sold in the market are –

  • Acrylic Lacquer
  • Acrylic urethane
  • Acrylic enamel
  • Water-based

All four types of paints are highly used in the auto industry where each one of them comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

1.    When it comes to Lacquer-based auto paint, it was once very popular during mid 1920s to 1960s. This paint is still available in the market, but is considered as illegal in some of the areas. The paint in this category comes cheap in price and is applied easily even by the inexperienced painter. In fact, the Lacquer paint gives good high gloss look. The paint also gets diluted well with the relatively soft pain and is not compatible to the UV and chemicals due to which it becomes a short living paint after application. You will get this paint in aerosol spray cans to use with spray guns. However, it is not recommended to use that way.

Lacquer-Based Auto Paint

2.    Urethane Paint is the newer paint that comes expensive as compared to both Enamel paint and Lacquer paint. Well, this paint lay down very comfortably just like lacquer, but it has toughness of enamels. The Urethane auto paint includes three different products – color, catalyst that is used to accelerate during time, and a reducer that makes the color thinner to use in a proper manner with a spray gun. The moment paint is mixed, not much time you get to use and if the paint is left longer then it has to be discarded. This paint is highly toxic and so the painter has to wear a facemask compulsorily along with gloves and coveralls.

Urethane Paint

3.    Enamel paint is very dry in nature just like the hard shell and so they are very tough to use as compared to the lacquer paints. The pain is baked in ovens or heated bays by the professional shops, but this type of paint is not sold in aerosol cans or for the use with spray guns. Due to their toughness, enamels do not lay down so easily like the lacquer, but are trickier to apply and become a challenging task for those who believe in painting on their own rather than hiring a professional. Some of the enamel colors require clear topcoat which is called as two-stage system, whereas; other colors can be used individually without mixing anything and are called as single-stage system.

Enamel Paint

4.    Water-Based colors are the latest and future of the auto paint industry. In fact, they are considered as the most versatile color choices as compared to rest three auto paints and are easily applied to primer, metal or existing paint. This water based auto paint is very renowned to be applied on such materials and is also renowned to be used as graphics that are applied to vehicles or motorcycle. In fact, water-based paints are non-toxic and are ideal for DIYer that can be used in home garage even though there is no need of any topcoat to protect the paint.

Water-Based Auto Paint

The line of colors is constantly expanding, but still water-based auto paints are considered as the future of the auto industry. If you want to add graphics or want to change the color of your vehicle then water-based auto paint is all that you need. However, before you plan anything, you need to first understand what are different types of auto paint available and which one is useful to conclude an effective task.

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