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What is e-business?

Ebusiness is term used for businesses which run on internet or on the utilizing of internet technologies to improve productivity or the profitability of business. In general sense the term e-business is used to describe any kind of electronic business that is any business which utilizes computers. This usage is archaic but in contexts e-business refers to those businesses exclusively which are Internet Businesses.

Most common implement of ebusiness is additional or in some cases a primary storefront.  Ebusiness is about selling products or services or both online, that is through medium of internet. It has much wider consumer base traditional brick and mortar store. This function of ebusiness is known as ecommerce. Ecommerce and Ebusiness are terms which are used interchangeably.

Ebusiness can also use the internet to acquire wholesale supplies or products for their in house production. This form of the Ebusiness is known as the eprocurement and offers business opportunities to cut their costs remarkably. Many of the Ebusinesses those who operate without having in electronic storefront uses eprocurement as method to better track as well as managing of their purchase.


Ebusiness is more than buying and selling of the products and services. E-business also handles many of the traditional business aspects. Use of the electronic chat as the way of technical as well as customer support is one fine example. Ebusiness which use chat to supplement their traditional phone support has system which helps in saving incredible amount of time even while providing such opportunities which were unavailable through traditional system. Usage of virtual computer systems in technical support for example operators can correct by accessing customers computer and assist in correcting problem. Downloading files etc. helps in supporting directly without you having to walk to customer and personally do it.

Email and private websites are methods for dispensing internal memos and for communication. Central server serve as efficient in providing for necessary information then keeping hard copies of each employee etc.

In this decade almost all businesses have become to some degree as an E-business. Internet technology is all pervasive which gives readily available solutions, and this trend continues.

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