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What is a Promotion?

Every working person is aware of what is a promotion. It is the hike of rank which could come along with benefits, rise in payment and responsibility. Most of the people look promotion as a positive factor because the word means a lot for their career growth and success.

In many workplaces, employees work hard to get promotion accompanied with benefits. This term is sometimes also used to refer general change in status like graduation where one says fifth grade promotion instead of fifth grade graduation. An employee is rewarded with promotion due to the efficient work he/she performs in certain duration or shows aptitude for position along with additional responsibility. When a person is rewarded with promotion, it indicates a time for celebration both at office and home. Mostly often, people seek for pay rise as that is the most significant part for which they work hard and prove their ability. Besides, responsibilities automatically increase along with promotion.


Promotion can be of different forms where designations vary like an employee becomes responsible for administrative assistants and other staff. In this matter, the promoted employee should not take this responsibility lightly as they come under supervision of other employees apart from management or supervisors where if negative things are found then demotion will take its course. Added responsibility can turn out more complex or more interesting, but employees still feels happy to take it up with zest. Due to the added responsibility and work load, most of the employers offer pay rise in promotion so that employees become more positive feel and enjoy the added benefits.

The supervisors or those on high ranking positions of the company basically give notification of a promotion as well as congratulations. Once you get promotion, you should make use of this excellent time and negotiate for the changes you require regarding work, salary, change in hours, or other matters. Once a promotion is done, you are supposed to undergo paperwork signing where your promotion, payment and other changes are mentioned for your benefits.

Not everyone consider promotions as a cause for celebrations. There are some who prefer to stay lower in rank due to certain reasons. Despite the lower pay, some enjoy their jobs that restrict them to celebrate their promotions.

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