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What is Antifreeze?

If you don’t know what is antifreeze then this might be helpful. Antifreeze is also known by another name – engine coolant. It is a liquid substance that is found in internal combustion engine and throws out excessive heat.

To bring out heat from this system, two most common chemicals are used – ethylene and propylene glycol. Both of these chemicals possess lower freezing points, more than water (32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celsius). This lets the chemicals to flow freely even in cold conditions. Other than this, Antifreeze also carries higher boiling point as compared to pure water that makes it an ideal choice to deploy if for various purposes during summer.

The engines basically generate significant amount of heat normally. The heat is then transferred to the blocks of engine through metallic and synthetic parts that later brings friction and expansion. The friction could get reduced from engine oils and lubricants. However, the heat still needs to reduce from the engine which is why antifreeze is used.

What is Antifreeze

The overly heat coming out of engine is controlled by the “heat sink” effect of the chemicals. When Antifreeze starts flowing to the engine block, it almost reaches at the boiling point of water. This superheated substance is then pushed into the radiator that is positioned in front of the engine compartment. The radiator carries various channels and chambers and lets the heat to pass out. Once the antifreeze reaches to other side of radiator, it turns out cool enough to enter the engine block once again and start the same process again.

Antifreeze compound come different in market and are used for areas where extreme temperature variations are found and needs to formulate. Since it is a very difficult and technical process which excessive heat is processed, it is better to warn children to stay away from this substance. In fact, children should be kept away from drinking antifreeze. It is available in the market as an in-expensive product, but can also be too expensive for undiluted product which is used by drivers often. Antifreeze acts as a poison due to propylene and ethylene glycol. It smells sweet and can tempt children or pet to consume, but should be kept on a safe location, out of their reach.

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