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What is Criminal Law?

It is very important to have a criminal law that followed by every human in the world. It is the branch of law that regulates crimes committed by people or against public authority. This law is different from civil law that basically includes crimes that commit against one another and not compulsorily against the public as a whole. Therefore, you need to know what is criminal law in a better way.

If in case, a person fails to honor a contract, this case comes under civil law. On the other hand, when a person murders someone, this becomes a case of criminal law as the murder is done against the interests of public. Various crimes are involved under this category, all covered by the criminal code. There are two types of criminal law, substantive and procedural criminal laws. Substantive is covered by the criminal code whereas; procedural is related to the prosecution of said crimes. Procedural crimes could also incorporate sentencing recommendations that are planned to use in event where victim is made guilty of committing a crime. There are many criminal codes that are divided as per the case.

Criminal Law

Crimes are divided into three broad types that appear under criminal code – treason, felonies and misdemeanors. Treason is a specific concern where one not violates public interest and threatens the security of the country. In fact, nation’s welfare is also challenged. This is the reason why treason is conducted along with severe penalties. Felonies are the most serious crimes that one perform and can be charged along with severe mandatory sentences. Misdemeanors are minor crimes under criminal law.

Every country has separate criminal laws, but the similar idea is to deter criminals from performing such crimes that violate the public interest or nation. Crimes are measured and categorized under different forms of punishment. Criminal law is also known as penal law, but more commonly used term worldwide is criminal law that is used to establish basic codes of conduct for citizens and foundation of legal system. Every criminal law or activity invites police forces, courts or other legal systems to function for crossing restricted boundaries.

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