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What is a Communications Satellite?

Today we can contact anyone living in any corner of the world due to the improved technology that served massively to the communication segment. Communications satellite which is also called COMSAT plays a vital role in this matter. It is an artificial satellite that was sent to space to serve telecommunications. It was a traditional satellite, which was replaced by the modern communications satellites. Read further to know what is a communications satellite.

The modern satellites use different orbits which include geostationary orbits, elliptical orbits, Molniya orbits, and low or polar and non-polar Earth orbits. Since telecommunication is very important to stay connected with everyone in the world, more satellites were sent, each with advanced features to serve people well. Today, not only telecommunications, but the advanced web world has given much more convenience and relief to people who can simply stay connected online and make their work done instantly. In order to provide fixed services, communications satellites throw microwave radio relay technology that is balanced with communication cables. Mobile applications also use this technology such as planes, vehicles, ships, TV and radio broadcasting, and hand-held terminals.


The first artificial satellite that was sent to space was the Soviet Sputnik 1, launched on 4th October 1957. It was loaded with onboard radio-transmitter. Since then, hundreds and more satellites are sent with new features that guarantee easy-access points.

Communications Satellite

Satellite Internet

From 1990s, the technology has brought satellite communication system that is still used as a medium to internet (via broadband data connections). This system is very much useful to those who reside in remote areas and cannot get access to broadband connections. On the other hand, if you need high availability service then use of broadband data connection will be a good way to go.

Mainly Used by Military Personnel

Communications satellites are widely used by military personnel for variety of reasons. This technology is used for military communications applications like Global Command and Control Systems. United State’s FLTSATCOM, MILSTAR and DSCS are the satellites which are used for military purposes. NATO satellites, Skynet – UK’s satellite/s, and many others are used for Military reasons.

The basic role of communications satellites is to provide telecommunication services and are used for weather tracking, mobile phone signals, broadcasting television programs, and much more. The satellites are connected on air with earth station and transmit the signal accordingly. Geostationary orbit can be found commonly filled with such satellites.

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