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What is a Custodial Parent?

If you don’t know what is a custodial parent then read this article and improve your knowledge as this may be useful to you sometime in life. A custodial parent is the parent who raises a child for full time. This is a matter that gets into court activities after which the parent gets custody for the child. There are many custodial parents who have been awarded by court of law with physical custody of a child.

Basically, this type of parent is recognized as the primary care parent. He/she is the one responsible for fulfilling all the needs of a child including food, clothing and shelter. In most of the cases, this role is offered after the legal separation or in common term divorce of parents. One parent is chosen by the court who is capable of handling and raising the child without any hassle. The parent who can most adequately meet the needs of a child and can offer stable environment is awarded as custodial parent.

When this legal matter occurs, the parent has to ensure that he/she does not leave the child at home or other place for traveling, business, or other purposes. In short, a primary place of residency is must to settle down with ease.

What is a Custodial Parent

Despite what a custodial parent is appointed by the court, there is a noncustodial parent who does not get the custody of a child. Noncustodial parent is the one who cannot keep the child with him/her as full time. In this case, the parent gets only few designated periods to spend time with the child. The period can be legally defined in a custody agreement. As per the agreement, both the parents have to follow the norms and care the child. Often it has been seen that a noncustodial parent gets access to the child only in weekends, summer months, holidays, or as per the school schedule of the child.

One of the important factors that needs to consider is the custodial parent has right to get financial aid or other assistance from the noncustodial parent. In fact, other child expenses may also have to look after by the noncustodial parent. For e.g., expenses for school uniforms, health insurance, child care, recreational activities, and extracurricular activities are to be given by the noncustodial parent.

There are certain situations in which a primary parent may have to handover the responsibility to the noncustodial parent. For say, the primary parent gets ills or travels, changes residences frequently then the noncustodial parent has to assume the lead role of handling and raising the child.

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